Musicity is a location-based, curated music platform that explores the intersection of music, place, memory and experience.

We commission recording artists to compose original music in response to an aspect of the city that inspires them. Through our mobile app, you can visit these locations to hear and download these exclusive tracks.

We hope our programme inspires people to see the urban fabric in new ways and encourages them to explore the city musically, architecturally and experientially.


Musicity is locative media - this means you have to visit the specific location to hear the music!


We have developed an app, it's a web app which means you need to goto www.musicity.info on a smart phone. This will launch the app which will allow you to explore the city, visit the locations and stream the music.

When you launch the app, the first thing to do is to save the app to the home screen. This will improve the app functionality.

There are currently mapping issues if using iOS6.0. If your iOS is 6.1.0 or newer, the problem has already been solved.

To navigate, just swipe across to see the participating artists, swipe down to see the corresponding location. The info button tells you a little more about the artist and their inspiration for choosing their specific location.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a simple dashboard. Press to launch the Map and you will see the locations, press on any to read about the artist. The map will tell you how close to each track you are. You will need to have location service on.

Once at the location, press the Play button to stream the music, it will ask you to register, this is so as you can download an MP3 file on PC platform, so you can collect and listen to each track at your leisure.